Our tree planting contractors in London have been kept busy over the past month and this trend is set to continue throughout the season. We’ve just completed work at Mill Hill Park in Barnet where we planted 26 semi mature trees.  The size of the tree is determined not by height but by the girth of the stem. In this case the trees were 20- 25cm in girth, so once they’re planted they look as if they have been established for some time.

Tree planting work continues for the London Borough of Barnet and we have also started planting for the London Borough of Islington. We’ve taken delivery of a large number of ‘heavy standard’ trees (12-14cm girth)  which will be used for planting along the highways. If you’re in one of these area’s you’re quite likely to see our tree planting contractors at work along the roadside. Look out for the vans and lorries with the green leaf logo.

More work for the Arboricultural Groundwork division is scheduled to start in Westminster City Council soon. Again, the trees are beginning to arrive in readiness and the teams should be starting that work within the coming weeks. Tree lined roads look great but of course the real benefits are to public health. The trees work hard by absorbing exhaust fumes and releasing oxygen into the air, and they’re also a prime habitat for city wildlife. As one of the UK’s leading tree planting contractors we take our responsibility to your health and safety extremely seriously and it’s great that we’re creating new homes for  the nation’s wildlife too.