Our teams in Hertfordshire have just completed a sizeable tree removal job in Hemel Hempstead and this is a prime example of how beneficial it can be when just one qualified contractor is appointed to complete a job from start to finish.

With Local Authority work it’s not uncommon for separate tree companies to be involved at the different stages of tree removal. For example one company would be called out to cut down the tree, a second to come out and remove the stump and a third would make good the ground afterwards. And on each occasion permits need to be issued for parking, cordoning off areas for safety and so on. The result? Sometimes several weeks of unnecessary delays before the work is finally completed.

With this job a large tree on a busy roadside had been assessed as failed and a potential danger to the public so arrangements were made for it to be felled.

Tree Removal

Having made the area safe our professional tree removal team started work early. In a residential area it is impractical to simply fell a tree so this was dismantled with its limbs and branches being careful lowered to the ground where our groundsmen chipped the branches and cut the trunk into logs for removal.


At Gristwood & Toms no parts of the trees are wasted. The arisings are taken to our Shenley recycling site and turned into high grade woodchip for use in biomass boilers in local schools and hospitals.

Stump Grinding

stump grinding

As soon as the tree was safely removed our tree groundworks team demolished the old retaining wall and set to work removing the stump. All our stump grinding operatives are fully trained with at least three years’ experience.

Stump Removal

Once the stump was removed and taken away for recycling, the kerb side was repaired and the area was topsoiled and seeded. All this work was completed in just two days.

stump removal

Tree Planting

It is expected that a new tree may be planted here at a later date. In our tree nursery we have several hundred young and sturdy specimens in varying sizes so the client is sure to find the perfect replacement. We look forward to planting a new and healthy tree on the site in the near future. After all, that’s a large part of what we do here as tree planting contractors UK wide.