As we come to the end of an eventful year we thought we’d take a quick look back.

Who’d have thought that COVID-19 would still be the dominant issue? Most of us had expected it to peter out over the year but it’s back with a vengeance and sadly doesn’t look like going away anytime soon.

Like all businesses, we took the necessary measures to protect our staff and the public by observing distances, regularly testing, not sharing car journeys and so on but it was inevitable that some would catch the virus through contact with friends or family. So far, we’re delighted to report, no one within the company has been badly affected. Several have had to self-isolate and we have had a few cases but thankfully all have come through with no lasting ill effects. We will continue to do all we can to provide a safe working environment for all our staff.

In the past few months we have recruited four new individuals to join our tree planting teams and our four apprentices are making great progress. What they’re learning in terms of plant biology, dendrology, the environment in general and the positive impact of good arboriculture practice is hugely impressive, and they’re still in their first year!

In terms of work, 2021 has been a success. The volume of work has been considerably up compared to previous years. Some of this has been from works issued in 2020 although we are tendering for new contract work – a major new contract is now pending and we hope to get it signed off in early January. This is particularly exciting as it will involve expanding our works into new regions of the country. We’ll bring you updates regarding this in future bulletins.

Of course, more work means that we’re able to create job opportunities. If you’re looking to make a fresh start in 2022 give us a call. As leading tree planting contractors and groundworks contractors we are always looking to recruit reliable and sensible personnel. If you’re new to the industry we’ll train you. If you’re coming back into the industry and feel a little rusty, we’ll bring you up to speed. We can offer tree planting jobs and arb jobs UK wide. And we welcome anyone with experience in tree root pruning, stump grinding and stump removal, planting instant hedges and instant evergreen hedges, groundworks team leadership or any other arboriculture groundworks experience.

All in all, we’re pleased to report that the trees in our care throughout the London boroughs and the south of the country are in good health, thanks largely to our dedicated teams of arborists and groundworks staff. And as we look forward to an even more successful new year, we take this opportunity to wish you all a peaceful and Covid-free festive season.

The photograph shown depicts members of our Bristol team selecting the Christmas trees we donate to the St Peter’s Hospice