We are now nearing the end of our annual young tree maintenance season. Most of the trees in our care have now been appropriately fed and watered and are ready for the autumn and winter period when they become inactive. The care that they have received over the spring and summer will ensure that they remain strong and healthy in the colder, dormant months ahead ready and refreshed for new growth next year.

For us, the coming months will be as busy as ever! This is the time when we conduct our work as tree planting contractors with hundreds of trees ready for planting as part of our ongoing Local Authority contracts. It’s a time when Local Authorities look to improve their existing tree stock and we are delighted to play our part in this important work.

Examples of the work scheduled include planting 580 new trees in Enfield and, as a part of our contract with the London Borough of Barnet, we will be planting over sixty trees in parkland. Our work extends well beyond the boroughs of London, and you may well see our teams out and about in counties throughout the south of England.

We’re thrilled to announce that we have secured a new tree planting contract with the London Borough of Epping Forest which starts in November. This follows a successful trial order last year and will include the planting of sixty new standard sized trees in the borough. Autumn is the perfect time to be planting trees while the trees are dormant, and the ground is still relatively soft (digging frozen ground is not much fun!). It allows the trees a few months to settle before the growing cycle begins again in the spring.