Trip hazards are often created by the roots of a tree pushing up pavement slabs or tarmac. Not only are these hazards potentially dangerous to pedestrians and cyclists, they can cost a local authority dearly when accidents lead to insurance claims.

Gristwood & Toms are experts in root pruning. They have specialist teams who are uniquely qualified to carry out a root pruning operation and to leave the site repaired properly and in a safe condition. What sets them apart from other contractors is their experience and knowledge.

First a visit to the site by the team leader who will assess the situation, checking for underground pipes and cabling and deciding whether root pruning is the answer or whether the tree needs to be removed and replaced for safety reasons. Naturally, it is preferable to preserve the life of a healthy tree wherever possible, providing it does not represent a danger to the public. The team leader will make his or her recommendation to the local authority.

If the decision is made to prune the roots of a tree then the team will work with the local authority and highways department to agree upon a suitable day and time to carry out the work. On site, the team will put up safety signs and barrier off the area before commencing work. Paving slabs, kerb stones or tarmac will be lifted and then the root pruning will take place, done in such a way as to cause minimal damage to the tree. When completed, paving slabs and stones are re-laid (or replaced if damaged) and the site will be left clean, tidy and safe. No more safety hazards – no more costly claims.