root pruning london


Are the trees on your site looking unhealthy? Are the leaves dry or discoloured? We offer a complete “tree health check” and this may lead to a recommendation for de-compaction around the root plate of the tree.

By removing old compacted soil from around the tree base the tree will be allowed to ‘breathe’ and we can add vital nutrients into replacement soil. This can prolong the life of a tree and help give it a fresh vitality.

This process is often applied in areas where mature trees initially appear to be unhealthy or even dying. It can be the most cost effective method to improve a tree’s strength and resilience. If you would like to restore the health of your tree stock and require help and professional advice, contact Gristwood & Toms Ltd.

We also use Air Spade technology to carry out root-friendly excavation enabling trenching and root exposure in varying applications.


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