Our Arboriculture groundwork teams work across much of the country serving local and borough councils. Stump removal is a service that is becoming increasingly called for. So much so that in one of our larger London contracts a team is now working full time. In order to keep up with demand for stump removal in London alone, we’ve created a new stump grinding team and kitted them out with brand new machinery.

Whenever we can we fill new posts by promoting from within the company. This gives us the reassurance that our teams will work to exacting standards, reliably, safely and professionally. It also means that our external recruitment efforts do not focus entirely on finding experienced personnel. We have a successful Apprenticeship scheme and are happy to train people who are new to the industry.

A word of warning. If you are considering hiring anyone to help with stump removal, ask for evidence of competency and experience. Far too many avoidable accidents have occurred as a result of inexperienced operatives using stump grinding machinery.